Sylvia L – “No More Milk”

So my dad recently decided to stop using milk products. (he’s having a midlife crisis). and since I am vegan I’ve decided to help him out with letting him know what products have milk. pudding, some bread, candy even some soda’s… you ever heard someone say “what weirdo decided to milk a cow?”? I fullyContinue reading “Sylvia L – “No More Milk””

Sylvia L – “Racism”

I was talking to Lord SDE the other day when he said someone called him a racist for posting this post: Asking a question doesn’t make you a racist. the word racist gets thrown around so much, it is losing its flair and meaning. ask people what it means and you’ll get varying answers.Continue reading “Sylvia L – “Racism””

Sylvia L – “Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees”

Due to the virus outbreak we’re short on money.So it came as a shock to me when I got a letter saying I owe my college money.Especially since i already paid it with my student loan.As I contacted them about what was happening, they simply stated that I had been cancelled as per contract breachContinue reading “Sylvia L – “Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees””

Sylvia L – “Flirting Is Weird”

There is a guy called Edwin who seems to be into me.However, he has a girlfriend.I told her about his recent attempts.and let me tell you, she was not happy.but she didn’t blame him.SHE BLAMED ME.“you keep flirting with him”.Bitch, I don’t want your man.Just being polite doesn’t mean flirting.I asked her when I everContinue reading “Sylvia L – “Flirting Is Weird””

Sylvia L – Introduction

My name is Sylvia, a close friend of SDE.I am going to be starting this blog about my regular life.So let’s go over the basics.I like: cookies, broccoli with cheese, dolphins, walks in nature and purple.I hate: dancing, beets, alcohol and parties.I have one bro and a little half-sister.I was born on the border ofContinue reading “Sylvia L – Introduction”