Emorion Investments

Full explanation below.


1 month plans:

50 EUR – Harmony Plan

100 EUR – Lullaby Plan

500 EUR – Anthem Plan

1000 EUR – Orchestra Plan

6 month plans:

1000 EUR – Theater Plan

2000 EUR – Guild Plan

5000 EUR – Neighbourhood Plan

10.000 EUR – Town Plan

1 Year Plan – 20.000 EUR


Want to make some extra money but don’t know how the stock market works? We at The Emorion Foundation are very good with money and the stock market.

If you invest in us, you will have the same money you spent back after the period at least. (to insure you don’t lose any). We do 50/50 on returns. so if you go for the 100EUR plan, and we’d make 30, you’d get 115 and we keep 15. Returns vary as the market does too.

Proof we know what we’re doing:

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