I Saw Ariana Grande’s Vagina

My name is Debron, I live in Missouri and in 2013 I saw Ariana Grande’s Vagina.

Yes, you read that correctly. I’ll start by explaining how I ended up in that situation. I was with my sister and her friends who were going wild about Ariana Grande coming to Kansas city. Our dad brought us to Kansas city, but I myself was interested more in the paranormal as I had seen posts about this castle where Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures had supposedly been.

So, as a way to make me happy too, my dad took me on the castle tour. My sister didn’t want to come however, because she didn’t believe in the paranormal and thought it would just be an old dusty castle. But who would have guessed, that when we were introduced into this small group suddenly a familiar face entered the room. It was Ariana Grande with 3 what I can only assume were security guards. Or possibly a manager. Some people in our group acted like fans, but I was just like “seriously?”. I had tried to avoid her.

During this tour eventually we reached a stopping point, where we were allowed to roam free through some of the halls. this was also the “bathroom-break” point.


The Incident

At some point I entered this bathroom. there were no seperate ones for men or women. There was no sound so I thought it was empty. I went towards the far back end, because it’s just comfortable. But as I opened the door I heard a confused “huh?” noise. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was staring right into Ariana’s Crotch, legs spread. her eyes widened as she yelled and tried to close her legs. But the combination of having 3 seconds of view and being slightly traumatised by the incident seered the imagine in my mind.

The Inevitable Question

So I know what you’re thinking: “what did it look like?”. Well, she has an innie mostly, it’s kind of dark, but brightly pink on the inside. It had that W-shaped outer part. It looked kind of delicate. Her “button” was like a small bean. It was overall, as small puffy cutesy kind of vagina.


Overall a pretty traumatic experience for me especially since I was raised religiously and hadn’t seen one before then. I know one thing for sure however, I am avoiding castle bathrooms at all costs from now on.

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