Incest? Billie Eilish And Her Brother Finneas.

Billie Eilish is very close with her brother… maybe a little too close. these are all the pieces of evidence they may be engaged in some incestual kind of relationship.

Song: I Love You

The first piece of evidence is from their song “I Love You”. where the literal chorus seems to be about someone in love who doesn’t want to be in love… now why wouldn’t you want to be in love? if it’s your sibling that would make sense.


Looks And Touches

The way they look at each other during live performances as well as the way they touch each other, it’s all a bit too close. especially during the grammy performance.

His Girlfriend Looks Like His Sister

You may have seen this come along before, but his sister and girlfriend are practically the same person.

They have so many similiar features it’s almost as if they were cloned… which wouldn’t be that strange considering Billie Eilish is actually an experiment from a test tube. (not even joking).

They shared a bed

This is probably the most damning of all. During a tour she mentions they shared a bed.

And last but not least…

She Lost Her Virginity at 14

Billie Eilish has gone on record to have been promiscuous. but if you were a teen boy and you’d have had sex with a now celebrity… wouldn’t you have gotten the spotlight to get that clout? of course you would. but nobody came forward. Her overly-sexual private life has to therefor be intertwined with the only other life she had… family. but was it just her brother? or did she for example have sex with her father? is incestual relationships normal to them because their parents are also siblings and that’s why they had her grow in a laboratory? probably. maybe not.

But one thing is certain. There is definitely something sinister going on.

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