Sylvia L – “Flirting Is Weird”

There is a guy called Edwin who seems to be into me.However, he has a girlfriend.I told her about his recent attempts.and let me tell you, she was not happy.but she didn’t blame him.SHE BLAMED ME.
“you keep flirting with him”.Bitch, I don’t want your man.Just being polite doesn’t mean flirting.I asked her when I ever did.Guess what she said? “you keep saying hi to him with a smile”Good lord, I am not allowed to say hi and smile. Coming home, I sit by my desk, looking at a poster of Ariana Grande.Salvator always judges me for liking Ariana’s music.But that’s just the way he is.You can’t expect everyone to enjoy the same things.Like the same music, the same people… Edwin.
I turn on my laptop and get my drawing tablet out.I draw an entire artwork of a lady dragon.
It looks like ****.
When you work really hard, yet fail, I admit it can be quite jarring.But I’ve got to keep trying.
Later this day my dad and his girl went out.I decided to use this time to… “enjoy myself”.so there I was, In my room, ready to get completely “in the mood”
when my little step-sister walks into my room.”what are we gonn yum today?”she asks innocently as I am already sitting there with my legs spread wide open.”in 30 minutes, okay?” I say, trying not to break into laughter.she walks out the room and I lock the door this time.I try to have fun, but can’t stop remembering what just happened and I break out laughing every time.I give up.
instead, i decide to start cooking for her.I just asked what she wanted.”fries and sausages” she says.I am a vegetarian, but she’s too young to decide that for herself.So I comply, however I make her some veggies too.There is no more heart-warming sight to me, than whenever I see her eat and awhile she’s chewing, she smiles at me.It’s as if it is her way of saying thank you.”did you have fun today?” I ask her.she nods but then proceeds to tell me a story about miss unicorn (one of her dolls) bullied sir cooksalot (a ken doll).”why is she bullying him?” I ask.she swallows her food and answers “because she loves him”.”you don’t bully people you love, Cass” I say trying to teach her good morals.”but michelle (our dad’s girlfriend) bullies dad all the time” she says as she looks dazzled.”that’s not bullying, that’s called flirting” I say.she takes 3 seconds as her eyes go diagonally to the bottom right.then she looks at me again and says “flirting is weird”.I smile and say “yeah, it is”
Later that day, after I put her to bed my brother finally comes home.we sit and talk for a while as he goes to bed.I go to my room and start typing.that’s how I ended up here right now.

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