Sylvia L – Loin Grinder

Waking up in the morning can be rough.

Especially when it’s THAT time of the month.

Waking up, I felt the flood already pouring.

I sat up in a panic and felt the pain in my lower abdomen. “it’s a bad one” I think to myself. I run to the bathroom to get a pad… but I ran out. so i borrow one from my dad’s girlfriend. at first everything seems fine. but as I go to the store later, I notice something as I walk down the vegetable aisle. the pad is scraping right against my Labia.
I was so embarrassed as I probably walked like I shat myself.

I ended up going home with only a few of the products I needed. I looked at the pack of pads to see why it was scraping so harshly only to find out it said “place under pad”. Apparently these pads were meant as extra support. for hours on end my Labia felt like it was on fire, untill I decided to check it out. I went into the bathroom, checked myself and saw I had a bunch of red marks and scraped skin around it. I quickly looked for an ointment, but I guess I grabbed the wrong one as it started burning even worse.

I screamed at this point. my dad’s girlfriend came and knocked on the bathroom door. “are you okay?” she asks. I just sit in agony and mutter “yeah”. “if you need anything tell me” she says.

Only about an hour later the pain has stopped enough for me to get out of the bathroom. I look at the used pad in the trash before getting out. and I say “loin grinder”.

Moral of the story: don’t use care products without researching them first.


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