Sylvia L – “Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees”

Due to the virus outbreak we’re short on money.So it came as a shock to me when I got a letter saying I owe my college money.Especially since i already paid it with my student loan.As I contacted them about what was happening, they simply stated that I had been cancelled as per contract breach of some sort of rule.I asked them which rule I broke, turns out… “you have a job”.How ridiculous is that?How do I pay off my student loan with my job that pays 10.50 an hour?!
I told my dad last night and he said “what are they thinking? money doesn’t grow on trees”.my brother thought he was being a smartass as he said “actually money is made out of paper which trees”.
How did people even come up with that saying?
Even if paper comes from trees, it still doesn’t grow on trees.Let alone paper with economical “that would be 4.50 please”.”okay have these four and a half leaves”.
bet you won’t get away with that.

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