Sylvia L – “No More Milk”

So my dad recently decided to stop using milk products. (he’s having a midlife crisis). and since I am vegan I’ve decided to help him out with letting him know what products have milk. pudding, some bread, candy even some soda’s… you ever heard someone say “what weirdo decided to milk a cow?”? I fully agree with that question. it was probably a furry.

If it wasn’t, i’d be surprised.

My dad was a bit confused about how he never knew croissants had milk in them. the french love their milk, don’t they rose bukater? sorry, couldn’t stop myself. the french have an interesting history of liking white things. white flags, white wines, white horses… germany is all about that red. red meat, red flags, red wines, red riding hood. but my father, he’s definitely more of a blue man. blue meat, blue flags, blue ice cream, blues clues. He once briefly dated a french woman. every night I would hear them… have fun. it was quite good to see my father happy, untill the problems started. she would hog the bathroom for hours, she would question my veganism, she would come into my room unannounced and worst of all, she left her used panties in the living room. it reeked.

my dad’s current girlfriend is alot sweeter and cleaner. I like her alot more. she actually support my dad in trying to stop drinking milk. I guess that goes to show, never judge someone by their nationality.


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