Sylvia L – “Sick Of It”

My brother has a drinking problem. no, not the way you’d think. yesterday he came up to me and told me he couldn’t take it anymore. apparently for about a month every time he drinks anything he feels sick and it has gotten so bad it has turned into pain.

He made an appointment with the GP for thursday. little did I know that he would use this as an excuse. “can you do the dishes, my stomach hurts?” or “please go get me _____ at the store because I am in pain”. if it really hurt that much, why would he plan it for thursday?

I hate it when people use something negative into being coddled. like back in primary school when this one boy was diagnosed with cancer, not even the deadly kind. we were all expected to adjust our asses to his will. there are people with real problems out there.

he waited an entire month, then suddenly it’s too much. but instead of planning an early visit, he plans it in thursday. and before you ask, no, they weren’t fully booked. how do I know? because I planned a new appointment for him and told him. when I did he got angry saying I was too bossy and controlling. funny considering he expected me to do everything for him because he felt a bit of pain. grow up.

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