The 2021 Equalizer Series Is A Cringy F*ckfest

Toxic Remake

if you ever watched the old series the equalizer, or watched the movies.
you get the premise of the equalizer.
Some guy who used to do work for the police or some agency decides to take matters into his own hands, and helps people who have been mistreated or abandoned by the legal system.
a pretty good narrative, however the new equalizer shows premise is cringy and toxic.
well let’s get right into it.

Overly Leftist

Firstly the premise seems to be very politically leftist, almost screaming in your face.
A black single mother who doesnt like big daddy government goes and breaks a ton of laws for the sole purpose of helping people in trouble.
anti-establishmentarianism aside, it’s so obvious in the show race and the fact she’s a single mother are pressed into your face.
The show advocates and glorifies single-motherhood, which on multiple levels is degenerate and illogical. (unless the husband died or something).
it has not yet been stated what happened to the father, but i bet you it will be either that he got killed by the police or was simply a cheater.
The white knighting superfluous nature of this show is arrogant and toxic beyond believe, with hypocrisies everywhere.


Sexual Harrassment

for example, in one episode the main character, a woman, goes into the men’s shower room to stalk the at the time naked detective.
She even comments on his ding dong.
but then a few episodes later a white politician supposedly rapes a bunch of girls because white big men bad, and gets away with it.
They try to stand for the metoo movement but it’s done so faulty, you cant just believe everything someone says unless there is proof, especially with such serious allegations.
anyway, so when a black woman sexually harrasses men in a shower room, it’s okay.
but when a white politician convinces girls that they want to fuck him, it’s wrong?
He didn’t necessarily force them, I mean yes, he did threaten them, but not with violence.
Just saying he would stop them from getting a job and ruin their reputation.
If you are weak enough to have sex with someone just because of your reputation and jobs, then you probably deserve what’s coming for you.

Lack Of Subtlety

So besides the blatant black-on-white racism, the anti-patriotism and sexual harrassment there is one more thing that makes me cringe about this entire thing.
the lack of subtlety in general, like, 4 episodes in she says “I serve as an equalizer”.
I feel like a bunch of high hippies in a leftist college in the USA were asked to write a modern version to relate to the woke people.
but even for leftists this should be a horrid representation, because it shows that the far left can be just as, if not even more horrid than the far right.

If you want to learn how to tackle big social issues on screen, take a look at marvel.
Marvel succeeds most of the time, in making minorities bad ass without it feeling out of place and in your face-y.
Fuck your service, I am switching to disney+.
I’d rather get fucked by mickey mouse than pegged by queefa latina ruining what used to be good shows.
The black guy from the movies was fucking cool, so no, I am not racist.
But learn how to write and we’ll talk again.

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