The Sad Side Of Pokimane

You may already be aware of the drama history with pokimane, but if not, I recommend you watch this great video:

But one thing that is often not addressed, is why? why is pokimane so bad at receiving criticism. why does she hide behind this happy persona? what’s causing her to react so emotionally to all these events?

The answer: she has a mental illness, specifically, she has Histrionic personality disorder. let’s go over the evidence.

  1. she has egocentric behaviour.
  2. she avoids conflict by manipulation and “acting”.
  3. she regrets these decision often.
  4. inappropriate seduction (attracting simps).
  5. makes rash decisions.
  6. blames others for own faults.

This diagnosis is so clear, but let’s be clear as well. this is in no way meant to ridicule Pokimane, but in fact this might give us more insight into how to deal with her and also can explain some behaviour she has. a diagnosis is not an excuse, but it’s definitely a reason. please tweet this article at Pokimane, maybe if she sees this, she’ll try to get help with this mental illness. if you’re reading this Pokimane, I just want to say this article was written in good faith.

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