The United Gem Warriors

“for glory, care and progress. because everyone is a gem, and everyone is a warrior”

– Lord Salvator Draco Emorion

The United Gem Warriors is a political group created by SDE for people who believe things could be alot better. “Everyone is a gem, everyone is a warrior” is the main slogan. although the point is to find potential in all, and utilize it to its maximum capacity without neglecting the passion of the people.

We are for: a new education system, new economic focus, better treatment of farmers and the elderly, better justice and laws.

Our Full Reformation Plan:

The Societal Reformation Plan.

The Karma Law

  1. abortion control, to be that rape victims are given the choice to have their baby taken away into special homes, where they are raised to be soldiers controlling rapists and pedophiles in camps where they have to work to give to the victims they made. and every day they are put into torture rooms where rape victims can let their anger out on them for the small price of 10 euro a day. (proceeds will go to the soldiers)
  2. mercy and justice, to have rules of justice and mercy implemented. The following rules will apply to each situation, unless the “high table” decides they do not fit the situation. Rule #1: if killed by murder, and equal death will be due. Rule #2: if killed by involuntary manslaughter, the “high table” takes the case. Rule #3: if there is insufficient evidence for either of these cases, they will be taken to the “high court”
  3. Heroes wear capes, if you save at least one innocent life, with just, and the thought of sacrifice, you will be awarded a cape. This cape means free access to food, water and shelter till the end of your life, with the possibility for you to grant someone else this glorious title. A hero cape is purple, and a cape given by a hero is green.

Change 2

Courts and tables

  1. Courts, there will be 6 courts. Designed in levels. Level 1 court, would hold cases including, but not limited to: Neighbor disagreements, small acts of vandalism in youth…. Level 2 court, holds cases which I.B.A.N.L.T: Illegal drugs selling, disturbing peace, acts of vandalism with impact… level 3 court, holds cases which I.B.A.N.L.T: breaching of laws within infrastructure and traffic, threats by youth, piracy… level 4 court, also known as the “sexual laws court” will hold cases which I.B.A.N.L.T: Pedophilia, Leaked nudity without consent, rape, sexual abuse, sexual intimidation, sexual blackmailing… level 5 court, will hold cases which I.B.A.N.L.T: Racist intimidation, sexism through intimidation, threats by fully functional adults… level 6 court: also known as the “high court” is the highest form of court possible. It handles cases which I.B.A.N.L.T: murder, purposely poisoning  water’ food’ or living space, robberies, animal abuse, physical abuse, cases that were unsolved in other courts.
  2. Tables, there is in each court a judge table, justice table and high table. The judge table is the table that officially signs the deals, it contains 3 judges, the justice table is the table where the family and witnesses sit, separated in half with 4 guards standing by. The high table is where 2 high-judges can be, a judge can upgrade from the judge table, by solving cases. The judges’ colleagues will once a year get the ability to vote for someone as a high judge, but not themselves. A judge needs at least a 70% success rate to be a candidate.

Change 3

Registration and legislation  – Names

  1. The old name system will be used for everyone alive at the time of the reformation, anyone born after will go through the RONS (route of name states)
  2. Stage 1: a child is born, inherits a number of identification (noi), parents select a name and the code and name will be connected. It is not legal for any governmental institution to use the code without consent of a legal figure. As soon as the subject child reaches the age of 14, it becomes its own legal figure unless mental capacity makes it unable to properly judge situations, at which point a parent or guardian can take over the role that is supposed to be passed over. There must always be a registered side-figure to take over in cases that make the current guardian or parental figure unable to do so. People who signed a DOA can form a team in one guardian status, thus both being part of it.
  3. Stage 2: at the age of 8, the child will be shown what a name can mean. How history remembers certain names and despises others. And prepare the children for their NRD (name reckoning day). It is important to tell them to look at what they have done, their gimmicks, who they want to be, and who they are.
  4. Stage 3:  at the age of 14, they go through the first ceremony at their academy. The ceremony is a get together where students talk about what they have been through thus far, where amends can be made and constructive criticism is highly suggested.
  5. Stage 4: at the age of 16, the subjects receive full adult status and get to choose their own nickname, one they feel defines them. If they don’t select a nickname before reaching the age of 20, they will be charged with misconduct of progress.

Change 4

Reformed education

  1. Introduction:

The following system will be named

It will focus on starting education.

In the first 6 years of their lives, children must be taught the basis by their guardians.

At age 6 the children will enter the academy

  1. The classes of an academy must include:

Math, History, Biology, Farming, Chemistry, Astronomy, Religion-theology-paranormal, Language, Arts, sports, computer, engineering, music and cooking.

  1. ages 6-8

for the first 2 years testing out what they are good at, and what makes them unique.

  1. ages 8-12

in these 4 years, they will get to develop themselves. 

  1. ages 12-14

in these 2 years, they will be told to think about what they really want, and at 14 get their first NRD Preparation Ceremony.

This is repeated at age 16

  1. ages 14-16

Yet more development time.

  1. age 16.

At this age, the Alpha-allotropy ends.

But students can choose to attend an institute.

  1. times.

Academies get to choose their starting time, but it must be after 10 AM and before 12 AM.

At age 6, 2 days a week for 6 hours. Tuesday and Thursday.

At age 7, 3 days a week for 6.5 hours. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

At age 8, 4 days a week for 4 hours.   Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

At age 9, 3 days a week for 7 hours.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This will continue until age 12.           

At age 12, 4 days a week for 6 hours.  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

At age 14, 5 days a week for 5 hours. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

At age 15-16 3 days a week for 4 hours. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

At age 16 the A-A ends.

Change 5

Hellfire Camps

1.1 Introduction

As punishment for the worst of crimes, criminals if properly convicted by the courts and tables are put to endure hell on earth, and give to the people they hurt.

They will have to work, and if refused, can be submitted to suspension in the torture chambers.

Where victims of the crimes for a fair price can torture them with government approved items and actions.

These will differ on the amount of criminality, and for a bigger criminal to torture more money is asked from the victims.

Change 6

Sex and Gender Resolution

  1. because of the divide in whether gender is physical or mental, we shall make gender synonymous to sex. And create the new term “kinter” which can be anything someone wants it to be, and changed each time you get a new passport and ID card.
  2. people who want to “change gender” can get surgery if approved by mental health professionals, but nobody is required to name them as the other gender. (to be respectful just name someone by their name)

Change 7

Economical Priority List.

  1. Economy
  2. Science
  3. Agriculture.
  4. Medical
  5. Culture and Art.
  6. Defense.

Change 8

Cops/Police rules and regulations.

– racism in cops should be defined as “hating any particular race and therefore treating people of that race with hatred or aversion”

– cops must treat everyone equal, regardless of age, gender, race or religion.

– no ANTIFA, Neo-Nazi’s, Any kind of supremacist, feminist or otherwise dividing group. (only egalitarians)

– to stop lying, if caught in a lie after pledging as a cop, a prison sentence of 10 years without parole.

Change 9

MAC Union.

The MAC Union is a union for creatives, where things are created in such ways that just like M.A.D. what goes around comes around. But instead of insuring the destruction of both parties, both parties become dependent. As different aspects are created to be moiety within both or even several parties.

Change 10

Consent Changes

Age Of Consent For Sex: 14

Age Of Consent For Alcohol: 15

Age Of Consent For Contracts: 14

Regarding Sex

Consent is cooperation without threat or verbal agreement.

Accusing someone of rape requires evidence, innocent until proven guilty.

If substances are self-applied with conscious thought, consenting with regret does not mean rape.

Consenting someone to have sexual media, does not give them the right to distribute it.

Unless contractually implied.

Change 11

Patents And Copyright

Patents will last until either the intellectual owner dies or until 3 generations henceforth deny to claim ownership. In case the ownership is continued down a family line or alternatively a business, the maximum hold on copyright, distribution right and production right is as long as a 4 lifetimes (80 years).

Furthermore derivative content can be capitalised and monetised by any party as long as there is subject to change for a completely different goal (I.E. turning one song into a compilation, using a segment of a film for review or any such works). this does not include things that are not for a completely different goal (I.E. original tracks with effects, original movies with effects, etc).

Change 12

Currency Plan

Gemstone is now the standard instead of gold.

Change 13

System Of Defense And Applied Laws

1. Party Hierarchy

The Party Hierarchy will be set as “power over venture”.

What this implies is that a military or policing entity has authority over their own specific sections but can be overruled by a parent party.

Court Military: Overrules All. (If deemed necessary by the high court).

Peacekeepers: authority over the hellfire camps and the convicts within.

Intergalactic Military: anything beyond the earth’s magnetosphere is to be considered under intergalactic jurisdiction under the proclamation of act that is to be within the united earth forces a.k.a. the galactic federation.

Police Authority: arrests, public service, safety, fines.

2. Rules Of Engagement

#1. you must only attack if you are attacked.

#2. children must be excused unless they pose a significant danger.

#3. no use of chemical warfare (with the exception of the Intergalactic Military)

#4. policing rules are to be found under Section 8 Of Changes.

3. Funding

We run by a funding system that is self-sustaining.

Police: fines for minor transgressions.

Intergalactic Military: works closely with the science division, will be given funding with them.

Court Military: drug money and such will be reregistered and used by the court, extra funding can come from reserves.

Peacekeepers: funded by torture chambers.

Change 14

Destiny Program

People can sign up for the destiny program which will ensure they get a fitting job that gives them enough security to feed their family and pay bills. We can capitalise on anyone, as anyone has good skills. High Intellect Subjects (HIS’) get to take part in the JAELABS INITIATIVE which will be for higher rank jobs (scientists, lawyers, political positions, hero jobs (firefighters, police, etc)).

Change 15

Mental Health Faction

The MHF exists for only one purpose, to maintain the mental health of the entire country/unification.

Change 16

Food Regulation

  1. Fast food can not contain more than 15% fats, all fats must be plant based unless the fats come from meat itself. Sugar must be kept at max 5 GRAMS. 
  2. Project in science for better and faster foods will be funded and governed by the government.
  3. Farmers are aided in providing a better living space for both people and animals. we must keep the environment intact.
  4. A restaurant must have hygiene & safety inspections every week.
  5. Stores can’t sell processed food 2 days before their final due date. (does not include fresh produce).

Change 17

Voting Rights

Not everyone should get the right to vote. Here’s a list of excluded people.

  • New Immigrants (4 Year Grace Period)
  • People who participate in riots
  • Criminals (apart from minor offences)
  • Low Intellect People (government approved intellect required)
  • People who “don’t like politics”
  • People under 14
  • People in a government function
  • People who are actively against the current regime (United Gem Warrior Regime)
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